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Settling In

Hi blog readers,
It has been a long two months since I have blogged! We have packed a lot into those two months, the biggest and most recent event being our move from Texas to Kay County Oklahoma. We have been here for 2 weeks now, and are planning to get the rest of the unpacked boxes simply out of the house (to grandma’s spacious and empty back of the house closets). The unfamiliarity of a new house has started to wear off, which I am quite thankful for. The plumbing issues are almost all resolved as well (I HOPE), which is a relief. We are starting to settle into some sense of normality, at least the kids and I are. Keith has been down in Texas since Friday finishing getting the house there ready to sell. We are suffering through the southern summer heat and drought, as are many of you, and we are really looking forward to about 6-8 weeks from now when the heat will hopefully calm down. Until then, we steal a few moments outside in the morning, and test each evening to see if it’s bearable out before sunset – usually it’s not.

We are hoping to start building our first chicken tractor this month and order our first batch of chicks. It is my understanding that they do alright in the heat when they’re young, but hopefully by the time they’re full size it won’t be this hot. Stay tuned for more about chickens.

I have my quilts out that have been packed away since February. It’s good to see them out and in my sight again. Hopefully I can find some focus to give to them. I’ve been so focused on a few other things lately that I haven’t had my evening hours to give – namely learning about raising pastured poultry and reading some books about family and parenting.

I am trusting that the Lord has prepared the way for us coming here in many areas of our life. It started with our rent house, which is a great blessing for us. In these parts, rent houses are rare and we have a lovely one in the country where we can start some chickens. We are trusting him for the relationships and activities that we are to be involved in. There are of course a number of things we could jump into, but I just feel cautious and watchful, wanting to make sure we find the right activities and the right relationships.  So I am trusting the Lord to lead us and to prepare the way for us, to build a full and joyful life here in our new location.

That’s all for now, folks. Keep in touch, and leave a comment so I know someone reads this out there. 🙂 Love!