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Our Very Own Oklahoma Land Run!

The final family swim of 2011 was a success!  Just last night we were swimming and relaxing by the pool at Aunt Linda’s house (and now we are wearing sweatshirts!).  And it was a lot of fun!  The kids had a blast, and my mom and dad had a mini-vacation from their busy week.  Altogether, I’m glad we did it.  It was wonderful to see Linda and Steve as well.  What a blessing!

Jeremiah enjoying the pool

Today the kids and I had a great day.  There wasn’t anything particularly exciting about our day – we stayed home all day until around 5 pm.  But that’s just it – we are quite happy at home.  All three of us love the routine, the enjoyment of being in the space that is our own, and the peace of a day at home.  We sorted through toy boxes, did household chores and farm chores, and shared lunch together.  The kids played together and we shared an hour in

Judah LOVES the water!

fairytale land with the Indian in the Cupboard.  Jeremiah and I enjoyed the 2nd grade this afternoon, journeying through the adventures of “who” nouns and “what” nouns.

Around dinner time we went over to Nini’s house to stake our claim in the Oklahoma-Kahle land run, where we will put our mobile home when we get it.  It was sort of like the 1904 land run here in Kay County all over again!!  🙂  Think “Far and Away” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.  We rode our horses over the hills with the wind blowing our hair this way and that, racing for our piece of grass ahead… well, sort of.  Actually, we rode our pick up truck out over the terraces and jumped out when we found the right spot.  By the end, there were four stakes in the ground, marking the place where our home will sit sometime this fall.  We’ll have a breath-taking view of the sunset, which was gorgeous tonight, a beautiful back yard with trees in the distance, and plenty of acres behind the house for our animals.  It’ll be our own little piece of paradise…   God is good to us!

Today I looked at the blocks scattered all over my living room floor, and I smiled.  I even took a picture.  I thought to myself how glad I was for those blocks on the floor.  Those blocks mean that there are precious children here living life in my home.  What joy!  Truly, children are a blessing from the Lord!

Well, that’s all the gushing from northern Oklahoma that you need to hear for tonight.  Until next time,



75 baby chicks + 15 baby turkeys + 3 huge rabbits = a great start to the Haugan Farm!!

75 baby chicks + 15 baby turkeys + 3 huge rabbits = a great start to the Haugan Farm!!

Chicks galore!

First of all, what you see below is our real life.  Is this amazing or what?!!!  The best life ever!  🙂  We of course also have less sacred time spent in line at the grocery store, in the car driving to and fro, and doing laundry and dishes.  But the pictures you see below are what we savor in life, and we are so thankful to the Lord for where He has brought us in life!

Are these baby chicks cute, or what?!  We have 75 Cornish Cross chicks, 4 Rhode Island Red Chicks that will lay eggs in 4-5 months, and one black mystery breed chick the haterchy sent as a bonus.  🙂  If you could hear them cheep, cheep, cheeping, you’d all sigh together and say, “awwww, they’re so cute!”  And they are.  I like them pretty good so far.  They don’t bark all night or jump on me when I walk out the door.  They don’t require a litter box in my house or shed fur all over the place.  Altogether, they are far superior to dogs and cats in every way.  🙂 And in the end, they’ll make a lovely chicken dinner for many a family.  Every morning we do morning chores these days (what farmers we are!) – filling up the waterers and feeders, adding bedding to their brooder, as you can see they needed some more in the photo above – sorry :O.  They’ve got another 10 days in this brooder with the heat lamps, then they move out onto the pasture in the chicken tractors.

Turkeys at 3 wks old

The turkeys are in the “chicken tractor”, so Keith is working on a 2nd tractor to put the chicks in when they’re ready.  He put together the frame last night in just a few hours.

The turkeys were pretty skittish at first, piling up on top of each other and virtually smothering the ones on the bottom of the pile.  It’s amazing, the turkeys three layers under don’t even protest.  So turkeyish.  But they’ve calmed down and seem relaxed in their chicken tractor.

chicken tractor #2. Don't we have a great landscape out here? It's country livin'! And beautiful sunsets!

We’ve been running around the last 3 days and are glad to be back home now and in routine.  Friday Keith and I left for an overnight away (A big thank you to Mom and Dad for keeping our lovely offspring!).  The purpose was two fold:  to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary (yay for us!) and to check out a mobile home we are hoping to buy.  We saw the mobile home Friday afternoon.  It was in great shape and though it is not new, it looks like new.  It’s a great price and a lot of space, and we are really hoping we can buy it.  They have a unique situation going on with them and we should know Sept 20th if we can buy it from them or not.  Here’s hoping.  If we get it, then within a month or two we’ll be living in it on my parent’s land about 15 miles from where we are living currently.  There we can expand our animal operation to include MANY more chicks next spring, as well as goats, pigs, and various other varmits.  It’ll be a full blown meat business by the time we’re in full swing.  Get some when you can, a freezer full of healthy grass-fed hormone-free chicken, turkey, pork, and goat for my family and yours! (Yes, we do pre-sell!)

We are trying to nail down our new business name for our meat business here pretty soon.  If you have any suggestions, post them in the comments! Perhaps we’ll take a poll to get some feedback to help us narrow it down.  I’ll finish this post with some photos from around the farm.  Until then, happy day to you!

Judah enjoying chore time! So fun!

Judah and I hanging clothes on the line. As I mentioned in my last post, you don't see MY clothes on the line, but no one else seems to mind the "mostly clean" clothes on occasion.

We have been fully enjoying the beautiful weather 'round here the last few weeks. We've eaten our meals outside quite a bit! Fun times!

We stayed in a state park cabin on Keystone Lake near Tulsa, OK. Beautiful place!

Keith got me a KitchenAid Mixer for our anniversary! Great gift!!

The turkeys have grown so much after only 10 days here! Now at 4 1/2 weeks, they are starting to get quite feathery!

Cute baby chickens!