Resources for Healthy Living, Part 1

Here is a list I started after a friend asked me for resources about superfoods, nutrition, and juicing.  It’s a short list, not heavy enough on the books.  Over time I will add more to this and repost it.  For now, this is plenty for getting started!

Superfoods, Nutrition, and Juicing

Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris
Eat For Health by Joel Fuhrman

Documentaries (Netflix):
Food Matters (nutrition and superfoods) and the Food Matters Mastery Program (my favorite)
Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead (juicing, nutrition, weight loss – inspriational) (Keith’s favorite)
Hungry for Change (juicing, weight loss, and nutrition) (our 2nd favorite)
Forks over Knives (nutrition and health) (very good – for us, this movie takes us on from a starting
point with juice and raw foods to long-term lifestyle and diet improvements)
Fresh (nutrition and eating local)
King Corn (nutrition)
Food Inc. (nutrition and eating local)

The following I have not seen, but hope to watch soon:
Food Beware: The Organic French Revolution
Food Fight
Fast Food Nation
Earth Voice Food Choice
What’s On Your Plate?
Processed People
The Gerson Miracle
Dr. Andrew Weil: Healthy Aging
The Beautiful Truth
Fed Up!
Our Daily Bread
Deconstructing Supper
The Future of Food

Toxin-free Living

The Healthy Home

I’d love to hear about any you have seen that we can watch and add to this list!Lacy


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