About Lacy

Me and my husband Keith

My lovely little family in November 2010

Come along with me on a journey to learn the old ways.  There is great satisfaction in returning to the enduring ways of the generations.  Kneading bread dough on my wooden counter tops, it seems as though I could share that space in life with my great, great grandmother, though I know her not.  I imagine her standing next to me, teaching me, investing in me, taking great joy in sharing this time-honored tradition together.  I knead my dough and I smile back at her.  Cutting out the fabric to make a skirt for my daughter, I hear the scissors of my grandmother, whom I lost when I was 14.  We cut together, and smile together when my daughter prances about testing out her new treasure.  In these moments I have escaped the emptiness of the twenty-first century.  I have rocked on the porch an hour or two with those before me, without speaking so much as a word, yet sharing together the silent conversation of life.  For these tasks are not simply burdensome chores, but as the pieces of a puzzle make a picture, they form a way of life unique in itself.  A way of life that is not too busy to take time for the things that matter most.

I long for this way of life where evenings are spent rocking on the porch or singing with the family.  A place where mainstream culture has not sunk its venomous fangs into every aspect of life.  We are lonely from the isolation of our lifestyle, we are fat from inactivity, and we are tired from the frantic pace that we keep.  Our children are disrespectful, our jobs are unfulfilling, and our lives are filled with indulgence to help keep the discontentment at bay.  We run about in vain searching for that perfect job that will fulfill our longing hearts, when what we need is not another job, but another way of life.  I want to find contentment in the daily tasks of life.  I want to experience meaning as I make the bread or tend the garden.  I want to make that which matters most the focus of my life, not the thing I try to fit in after everything else is done, and I am spent.  I have known the emptiness of a way of life common to many, and have set out to learn the ways of old.

The Details

I am 33 years old, have been married for 9 years and have two beautiful children, ages 8 and 4, whom I homeschool.  We are sharing the joy of daily life together, learning that what we have together is the best that life has to offer, and how truly wonderful it is. We live on a homestead in rural northern Oklahoma.  We are excited about the journey we are on together as a family.  In some ways, that IS the destination.


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