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Farm Day, The Perfect Life For Children, and A Prayer of Thanks for Days Such as These

Judah likes duckies...

They sure are cute!

Three weeks ago our new baby ducks arrived on the farm.  They really are so adorable.  When we first got them they were so small that it was easy to hold them.  The kids really enjoyed it.  But now they are getting a lot bigger (in just 3 weeks – it’s amazing how quickly animals grow!) and we don’t hold them as often.  But Keith feeds and waters them twice a day and the kids like to get in the pen and play with them.

Awww... cute little duckies... he lets me pet him!

We also got to witness two baby goats being born.  It was an amazing event, one I am glad the kids got to experience – but the camera batteries were dead.  😦


"That'll be .25 sir. :)"

Two weeks ago was World Hunger Relief’s bi-annual event called “Farm Day”.   We had over 1100 people come by the farm that Saturday and see what WHRI is all about.  We had the bunnies out for children to enjoy, there were milking demonstrations with the opportunity to give it a try yourself, and there were hayride style farm tours.  There were lots of vendors and activities, including pony rides, live music, a great mexican lunch, and camel petting.  Jeremiah and Ben (Nathan and Amey’s oldest son) teamed up to run what was the best popsicle stand ever.  They sold hundreds of popsicles, learned the rewards of hard work and dedication, and ended up with some loot.  We were very proud of both of them.  Jeremiah also learned some business skills that day.  Rather than “I’m ready for my money”, he learned the more professional phrase, “That’ll be .25 sir.”  🙂  It was hoot, for sure.

"I'm ready for my money."

I think that the life we are living right now on the farm is the perfect life for kids.  Jeremiah and Judah are so happy.  Jeremiah is free to roam all over the farm on his bicycle.   They both get to gather chicken eggs almost every day.  They get to bottle feed baby goats and play with baby ducklings.  Jeremiah plays army guys in the gravel and cowboys and indians in the dirt.  They play with their friends at least every other day, and get to spend time with Dad doing farm things.  This journey has been amazing for all of us, especially our kids.

Jeremiah front and center for the milking demonstration.

Last week I happened to be up at the dairy when the goats and cows all got out of their pens.  There were lots of people there trying to get them back into the pens.  I had Judah in one hand, and dragging a goat with the other hand.  She and I both loved it.  🙂  In the end, all the goats got back to their proper pens, but the cows had their own way and got moved to another area where they had roamed.  Cows are a bit more fussy than goats.

Keith doing the milking demonstration (not praying for the goat).

Keith has not only gotten to do the fun parts of animal care such as witnessing the births, bottle feeding baby goats, and milking goats, but he has also gotten to take part in the rest of the cycle of raising animals – castrating as well as slaughtering and butchering.  He said that cleaning and butchering deer from hunting with his family growing up helped prepare him for it, and it wasn’t as hard as it might have been.  We’ll see if that’s the case when it comes time to slaughter our favorite baby goat,

He enjoys his goats. Really, he does!

Charlie.  😦

My Farm Girl Apron

I have continued on with my cooking and sewing endeavors, as well as helping Keith and taking care of the children.  I made an apron this month, copied from one a girl on the farm was wearing.  I am enjoying the whole foods style of eating that is encouraged on the farm.  We are eating much less processed food and that is a good thing.

Judah loves the baby goats! They really are cute.

Living in community and in a tiny shared apartment took a bit of transition at first.  But we are really happy now at the farm, and we are all enjoying the life we are living there.  In fact, coming to our house in Lindale this weekend for a visit, there was a part of all of us that just wanted to stay on the farm.  Leisurely lunches with friends, learning more each week, working hard on the farm and then watching the sun set as the children play together… it’s really a great life.  In the evenings we stroll over to the bunny pens and let the kids feed them grass or hold them.  And we take a sit together and whisper a prayer of thanks for days such as these.

"Smile, Judah!"

So we’re learning a lot here.  We’re learning the details of raising animals and we’re starting to learn more about raising a garden.  We’re learning what life is like as a family living this lifestyle.  We’re learning how wonderful life can be.  We’re learning a lot about ourselves, and what we really enjoy.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to live on the farm at WHRI.

Until next time ~

Try #2: "Smile, Judah!!" We tried.

Lacy – down on the farm


The First Days of Spring… this must be like Heaven!

Judah's blue skirt with ribbon trim 🙂

Judah's new blue skirt

I made Judah a second skirt this week.  I am really enjoying making them, and she LOVES them.  I have some fabric that has been given to me, so I have been using that.  Free clothes!  If I tried to buy Judah a long skirt, I wouldn’t be able to find one.  They just don’t make ’em!  So I made one myself, and she looks beautiful in it.  I like that this one is blue – she can play in it even outside and it doesn’t look dirty.  But I’m making a pink one next, which she’ll love.

I am learning to crochet this month.  I bought some yarn and a needle, then I asked the older lady next door if she knows how to crochet – she didn’t.  😦  Of course my mother could have taught me – she has made beautiful blankets for all her grand-babies… but she lives 7 hours away.  So I consulted the internet, my pseudo-mentor, and found a few pages that were clear enough to get me going.  No picture yet – I’m still on the 2nd row.  In fact it might take a few months before I get a picture up on that one.  Crocheting is a delayed gratification project, unlike cute little girl skirts.  Both have their place in life.

Judah in Grandma Lois' Pink Satin Dress

What a treasure to hold onto! Thank you Grandma Lois!

My grandma Lois and I spent an afternoon elbow deep in pink satin fabric, picking out and cutting out the perfect princess dress for Judah.  After we cut it out together, Grandma made the dress in time for Christmas.  Isn’t it beautiful?!  Thank you Grandma Lois!  This will be a keepsake for many years to come!

I thought I’d end today’s blog with some precious pictures of my children.  This week of spring weather has been like water to our thirsty souls after weeks of cold and snow (even here in Texas!).  We had a picnic a few days ago and the kids really enjoyed it.

Picnics are fun!

Enjoying being outside together!

She melts my heart...

To you and yours… if the first days of spring weather are outside your doors, don’t miss it!  These are the best days of the year!  And they’ll fly right by before ya know it.  Get outside and laugh together, watch the birds, sit in the swing together, and drink it in.  These are the best days of my life!


Snow Day Projects

The last few days have been too cold for this southern woman, so I have burrowed in my warm house.  I have spent time doing a variety of things – baking bread, doing crafts with the kids, reading alone and also to the kids, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning, etc, etc.  I also tackled Judah’s right of passage in growing from a todder into a preschooler:  POTTY TRAINING.  🙂  She has done great!  I am excited about her success, and so is she!

I have also been working on my circle quilt.  I am really pleased with the way it is coming along.  The last few days I spent some time laying it out on the felt “wall”, which was really a huge job.  Tonight I stitched the top row of blocks together.  Things always look so different in pictures than they do in person, but here are the photos!

Tuesday I made a little skirt for Judah.  It was a simple pattern I found at  I bet some red rick-rack would really finish this strawberry skirt out.  She loves it! (Can you see the snow outside?)

Here’s my favorite photo from our sledding adventure Tuesday.  Snow days are thankfully rare treasures ’round these parts! These two had a blast sliding down the big hill!  Judah loved it too!  She’s so brave!

I have been thinking some more about learning the old ways.  I have a list going of skills and crafts that I would like to learn to do.  Some of these things are:

quilting, knitting, sewing clothes, baking bread, pie making, canning, gardening, raising animals, soap making…

I have various levels of experience with each of these and with a few of them no experience (knitting, soap making, canning).  But there are also things that are not necessarily skills, but more just ways of life that are to be learned.  I’ve been thinking about these areas and doing some reading.  It is easier to blog about the things I am doing.  Blogging about the deep thoughts I’ve been pondering is not as easy.  In time…


The Comfort of Fabric

February 4, 2011 was a snow day in Hideaway, Texas.  We got almost 4″ of snow, which in Texas is enough to keep everyone home.  So our family of four spent the day here in our cozy abode.  Jeremiah and Judah made cookies (with a little help from Mom), we went sledding down a hill, and the children danced while Keith and I played songs on the guitar.  I also spent some time in solitude today elbow deep in quilt squares.  I made a lot of progress and enjoyed every minute of it.

After the quiet of solitude set in, the sound of the sewing machine to keep my company, my mind thought of the women who have set their hand to quilting over the years.  A mother in her early 50s passing the time trying not to think about her son who is off at war.  A resourceful grandmother using her husband’s old shirts to make a quilt.  A young mother stitching pensively on an Oklahoma homestead wondering how they will make it through their first winter in their small cabin.  My own great grandmother making a beautiful quilt with turquoise backing that her great granddaughter now treasures… I wonder where she sat and what she thought about while she made that quilt.  Though I will not know until I hopefully meet her on the other side of eternity, piecing this fabric together one square at a time has brought me a little closer to my roots, my heritage, my history.

The quilt I am working on needs a large space to match all the colors together, so I hung up the only big piece of flannel I had.  😉  It is working beautifully.

Enjoying an evening of solitude and quilting…